HeartBarks Custom Leash Rack

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Your pup is always ready to play, are you?  Keep your leashes, collars and harnesses organized and ready for outdoor activities with a HeartBarks customizable leash rack.  

The HeartBarks leash racks are manufactured from the finest Michigan hardwoods and are available in oak, hard white maple and dark walnut.  They are also available in exotic Brazilian purpleheart. Personalize your leash rack by adding either one, two, or three custom printed acrylic disks. 

Upload your favorite picture and the HeartBarks team will convert your picture into a beautiful printed acrylic disk.  After you mount the leash rack, the printed disks are interchangeable without removing the leash rack from the wall.  The price includes the printed disks.  Additional disks may be purchased separately.  If you want to display your pups in Christmas attire, it is as easy as ordering new disks and exchanging them with the existing disks. The possibilities are endless.  

The rack hooks are stainless steel and can hold heavy loads.  They are also perfect for organizing your kids' backpacks and coats.