Our Story

I never would have thought that bringing home a pup from a local rescue would be a life changing experience. How could watching a timid, under nourished, and sick black lab transform in front of your eyes to a healthy happy sweet dog (see Lily’s story) not change you.  When you have a heart for dogs, it makes you want to rescue another pup. Unfortunately, already having another large dog in the house adding a third dog at the time was not an option. I thought briefly of starting a rescue myself but this was not practical option either. Over time I came to the conclusion that, using my skills and experience to benefit existing rescue groups would be the best way to rescue more dogs.

The HeartBarks philosophy is simple. We will manufacturer a line of quality products. A specific dollar amount of the sale price of each item sold will be donated to established dog rescue groups. HeartBarks will be completely upfront with the customers in that they will know the exact dollar amount that will be donated with each product sale.

Rescuing and saving dogs is our top priority. Our mission is to promote and financially support rescue groups. All donations will be made with no strings attached with the belief that each rescue group will be the best judge of how the money will be best utilized to save as many dogs as possible.