Marley's Story

Meet Marley!

Marley is our 6 year old, 80lb golden retriever that we found at a farm in rural Indiana. Marley is one squirrelly dog! Extremely high energy and never seemed to outgrow her puppy stage. She enjoys grabbing food off the table when we aren't looking, sleepy in very strange positions and her main goal in life is to destroy every tennis ball in existence.
She eats... EVERYTHING. She's also a thief! She will steal your socks, your shoes, a hat, napkins off the table and don't let her get ahold of a paper towel roll. Her life policy is its easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. When she's not destroying the house or eating something that makes her sick, she loves to play ball (she hoards them all from the other dogs). She's surprisingly a great walker and she is so loving.

Marley might not be the average golden retriever, but she's part of the HeartBarks family and we love her and all of her quirks.