Lily's Story

Meet Lily - our 4 year old Black Lab rescue, and the inspiration behind HeartBarks.

Before Lily was rescued she spent 16 months in a small cage, had numerous fractured teeth, and struggled to run. She was infected with parasites, severely underweight, and didn't even know what a tennis ball was. Every time she heard a noise - opening a pop can, the microwave going off, or the doorbell she would go running and wouldn't come out for hours. She didn't know how to play, and was hesitant to eat. 

She has completely transformed since we rescued her in 2019. She loves to play, run and chase down the other dogs in the house for the tennis balls. She's a begger! She will literally lift herself into your lap at the dinner table looking for her fair share. It's safe to say she has really come out of her shell. She loves treats, and loves getting her belly rubbed. She is still conquering her fear of sudden noises but she has come a long way. 
The endless love she gives us and the love that we will unconditionally give to her is the true power of a rescue.