Katie's Story

Meet Katie - another member of the HeartBarks family.

Katie is our 9 year old chihuahua mix that was rescued from Bideawee in the concrete jungle of New York City. She was a city dog her whole life and still roamed those loud familiar streets until we relocated back home to Indiana.

Indiana is now her forever home, and the place she discovered large patches of grass for the first time. She was originally placed in Bideawee's care because her original owner could no longer keep her. She was adopted, and then later returned because the new owner was severely allergic.

It was now our turn!

Bideawee had us sign paperwork acknowledging that she was sometimes aggressive and that we had to be careful when meeting her. The first time she saw us she walked right up and rolled onto her belly for scratches.
She's your typical chihuahua. Food aggressive, barks at literally everything, hates the UPS man (and the USPS man, and the Fedex man, and literally anyone outside). She sounds like a riot, but when she gets to know you she will love you forever.
She loves belly rubs, head scratches, laying in the sun and don't even say the word "walk" around her (or do, because her response is adorable). She'd eat peanut butter until she was sick if you let her... and she also loves milk. Yes, milk - is she a cat? After almost 4 years we still aren't convinced ourselves. 
Also, how can you not love those ears?