How We Help

At HeartBarks, every time you purchase one of our premium products we directly donate funds to a rescue in need. NOT a percentage of sales, NOT a percentage of profits: a set dollar amount taken right off the top of each individual sale.

Product Donation Breakdown:
The "Katie" BarkBoard - $30 Rescue Donation
The "Lily" BarkBoard - $40 Rescue Donation
The "Marley" BarkBoard - $50 Rescue Donation 

HeartBarks is partnering with rescue groups across the country to allocate donation funds. We are a brand new startup, with big dreams to help the rescue community. We are currently looking for our first rescue to partner with us to receive these donated funds. In the interim, all donation funds will be collected into the HeartBarks Fund until we have a rescue to receive them. 

If you are interested in partnering with HeartBarks, please reach out to us via email at